5 Factors To Consider When Planning For Kitchen Interior Design In Singapore

The kitchen is the most complex area in our house. Apart from being a communal space, it is also a service area. During kitchen renovation, you have to balance the aesthetics, functionality, and safety when planning a kitchen interior design in Singapore.

Here are the crucial factors to consider when designing your kitchen:

1. Kitchen layout

There are at least six types of kitchen layouts. These are L-shape, U-shape, G-shape, one-wall, galley, and island. The layout helps streamline the foot traffic in the kitchen. Your kitchen space is also a factor when choosing the appropriate kitchen layout.

2. Cabinetry and storage

Cabinetry and storage matter in modern luxury interior design in Singapore, especially in kitchen design. Homeowners must utilise their horizontal and vertical space for storage. Cabinetry helps keep the clutter away from plain sight.

Additionally, the materials you will use for the cabinetry impact the overall kitchen style and aesthetics.

3. Flooring and work surface

The kitchen has one of the heaviest foot traffic in the house. It is reasonable to choose the flooring that is durable and low maintenance. It should also be water-resistant.

Durability and maintenance are also top qualities you should look for in work surfaces and countertops. Some choose natural stones, such as granite and quartz, while others prefer laminated tiles.

Aesthetics-wise, your flooring and work surfaces must complement your home interior design in Singapore for uniformity.

4. Ventilation

Ventilation is crucial in the kitchen. In fact, it is a top priority in the F&B interior design in Singapore. Without proper ventilation, the fishy smell from your cooking and smoke can waft in the kitchen and around the house. Make sure to plan out the ventilation of your kitchen. Consider installing windows and exhaust fans.

5. Budget

Budget matters whether you plan a home or commercial interior design in Singapore. It dictates the direction of your design planning and project. Setting a budget cap is a good start.

Everything will fall into its place when you consider these factors during your kitchen interior design planning in Singapore.

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