7 Biggest Mistakes When Putting Out Fire In The Kitchen

So it’s another day at the kitchen and you’re going about your routine to whip up that lunch that everyone loves. The usual kitchenware is already out and you’re thinking whether you should add some extra pepper this time to switch up the taste. In the corner of your eye, you see something bright: a fire.

If you’re someone who has done drills, you’ll probably still be startled but at least you won’t fully panic. Now you’re thinking to yourself what you should do. Analyzing whether fire’s too big to be really put out with a fire extinguisher, knowing if the fire suppression companies have installed a sprinkler directly above the fire, and such are all helpful in putting out fires in the kitchen.

Below are some tips that you should always remember to ensure that you’re kept safe when something catches fire in the kitchen.

  1. Not Putting People First

The most important thing to remember during a kitchen fire is to ensure everyone’s safety: that includes you. Have a viable option for escaping if you do plan on attempting to put out the fire. This way, you won’t be cornered in if the flames do grow.

  1. Failing to Inform the Authorities

Most fire suppression companies will install a fire alarm system that will trigger an alert to the authorities. Calling the fire department and cluing them in will help them prepare for how they will respond to your call for help instead of going in blind.

  1. Putting Water On the Pan

If everything around your stove catches fire because of the flames going over your frying pan, you should never spray it with water. This is a common mistake because of how close the sink usually is. Use the correct fire extinguisher.

  1. Trying to Move the Source

In general, you should never move the source of a fire wherever and whatever it may be. There’s a high risk that the fire spreads elsewhere if you do this. Most modern kitchens are built with failsafe or at least preventive measures to contain the fire to a particular section.

  1. Not Turning Off the Stove

When a fire starts, it’s easy to get distracted and forget to turn off the main source of the fire: the stove. You must do this because, even if there’s no possibility of the gas lines catching fire, there’s a risk of the fire reigniting after you put it out.

  1. Using the Wrong Fire Extinguisher

There are many types of fire extinguishers. Make sure that you get the correct one for your kitchen. Some homes have multiple fire extinguishers for this reason. One’s for putting out grease fire and one’s for putting out fires caused by electrical equipment.

  1. Closing Doors and Windows to Contain the Fire

A huge mistake that people make when panicking due to a fire is closing the doors and windows. Not only will this reduce your escape routes for when the fire gets too big, but you are also increasing the risk of you inhaling smoke and other chemicals.

Be ready for the unexpected and protect your property and more importantly, the people you work with. Westminster Fire is among the most trusted fire suppression companies today. Contact us and let’s discuss how we can be of service.