Different types of kitchen cabinets

  • Shaker 


This is by far the most common style of kitchen cabinets. 

They are basically a row of kitchen cabinets with double doors. These are simple, classic and easy to use on a regular basis. Shaker cabinets have some distinguishing features that set them apart from the rest like flat panelled doors, robust engineering made with quality wood like cherry, maple and oakwood.  Although simple, they are quite charming. 


  • Louvered 


These cabinets are composed of horizontal wooden slats. They resemble window blinds and add an inimitable touch to your kitchen! 

They have an exceptional quality of providing ventilation due to the gaps between the horizontal slats. The same style of door can also be used in the pantry cabinet or laundry room where ventilation is critical to your storage.


  • Flat panel 


As the name suggests, flat panels lack any ornate designs, frames or hinges on them. They are essentially flat but extremely sophisticated and futuristic. They just have hard lines on them but despite being simple, it’s a great fit for modern kitchens. Simple but stylish decor.


  • Inset 


Inset cabinets are quite common in a more traditional setting where the cabinet doors are set inside the frame. There is a lot of work involved in ensuring that the door fits accurately in size. Also, you have to choose the right kind of wood because some of them tend to expand during seasonal variations. 

These conventional style cabinets are quite pricey but durable. They can also be customized with beaded or non-beaded inserts. You have to purchase the hinges separately here which can stock up on your expenses unlike other cabinet styles.


  • Distressed


These have an impeccable vintage touch to them. They are quite expensive like inset cabinets but the doors are usually long with arched detailing and decorative moulding. 


  • Beadboard 


These cabinet doors are made up of vertical planks that have ridges in between each plank known as “beads”. They have a more country look which is perfect for cottage atmosphere. Due to the excessive dents and crevasses, they are hard to maintain as dust can easily accumulate in these tiny spaces. 


  • Thermofoil 


These cabinets are much like the flatpanels. They are not made out of wood but fibreboard with plastic coating. This is then heated so the two layers fuse to create hardboard. Since they are made up of comparatively cheaper material, they are cost-efficient but on the downside, it can easily deteriorate in contact with heat. Kitchen merchandize can be purchased via companies like Renovation Cuisines Vima.