Everything about PVC cables

PVC cables are insulated and sheathed cables. They define their application in many areas. The areas include fixed wiring, flexible installations, etc. It is also available in a number of sizes, conductor materials and colours. PVC comes under a variety of thermoplastic polymer. This makes PVC to be strongly exposed to high or low-level temperatures. As per this point, it can be used even in Arctic areas or provide protection against ultraviolet rays of the Sun.

This quality makes it versatile and used in many areas. It is common to see the use of PVC cables for low and medium voltage cables frequency insulation requirements. This is because PVC has good insulating properties and low Corona resistance. Its wide application is because of the fact that it is a thermoplastic resin. Thermoplastic resins can be softened by heating and the process is known as polymerization.

Qualities of PVC

  1. Tough and resistant

PVC is resistant to abrasion and it is tough. It has a cable mechanical strength as well. This is a great quality when you compare it with other low weight materials. PVC is resistant to a number of phenomena like corrosion, abrasion, weathering chemical rotting and its impact. This quality makes PVC eligible to be used as outdoor products as it can give a long life span.

  1. Insulation

PVC is very popular for this quality. Most of the industries use PVC as a common material in their industry. This is because it is very easy to use and it is resistant to fire. Studies have proved that it can give an in the service life of a hundred years. This quality has made it possible to find its place in every modern building.

  1. Cable insulation

PVC cables will never conduct electricity. So it is a perfect option to be used in electrical and electronic applications. It is used in the insulation of wires and cables. It is a very safe option and it has been tested and research in a very extensible way. It is also in line with the International health and safety requirements. It is environment-friendly and entirely non-toxic. So it derives support from conservationists and environmentalists.

  1. Self-extinguishing

We have already seen that PVC cables are resistant to fire. When you expose PVC to the burning fire, it will self extinguish when the source of fire is taken away. It is very hard to Ignite a PVC cable and on the other hand, it also provides less heat. As an extended safety measure, it will not burn and drop but rather char. This reduces the spread of Fire.

  1. Easy to use

PVC is very easy to use and handle. It is mostly used in high-risk areas. It holds the quality of low smoke, low halogen grade. It has a maximum operating temperature of 105 degree Celsius. The production of PVC is also very easy. The supply of it is abundant than most other raw material. As the supply is abundance it is very cost-effective.