How To Choose The Right Air Conditioner For Home Or Office

Do you know what BTUs are? Because whenever the subject is air conditioning, you will hear these three letters. At the store, when shopping, it’s the first thing the salesperson will ask. But what does this British Thermal Unit, or simply BTU, mean anyway? Translated into Portuguese, the British Thermal Unit is the measure that determines the power the cooling capacity of an air conditioner.

How to calculate the amount of air conditioner BTUs

Several factors go into choosing the most suitable air conditioner for your residential or commercial use. And they all need to be considered, as they are the ones that will determine the capacity of the device you will need, that is, how many BTUs will be needed to maintain the ideal temperature in each room. No heat when summer comes!

The most crucial factor is the size of the room. Keep in mind that, according to technical standards, for each square meter, between 600 and 800 BTUs will be needed to make the temperature pleasant. Why this variation? Then we already have a second factor: If the living room, bedroom, or office does not receive direct sunlight most of the day, the heat will be lower, and you will be able to make the bill with 600 BTUs. But if the incidence of the sun is very strong, calculating with the highest power is the most suitable.

But there are other elements you need to look into. Check it out:

– Number of people used to be in the room. Yes, this is important. If a family has four people who watch TV together every day in the living room, the air conditioning needs to be stronger. It is recommended to add 600 BTUs per person (or 800 if there is sun) from the second person. In an office, store, or other commercial use environments, this account should be made by the average number of people you imagine will circulate there.

– Number of electronic devices you have in the room. It sounds precious, but isn’t it? This has a real influence on your home temperature. Connected electronic devices are heat sources. Television, computer, all these contribute to making the environment warmer. Experts recommend that you add another 600 or 800 BTUs of capacity per appliance to your air conditioner if that’s the case for you.

How To Make Better Use Of Air Conditioning

Some small steps you can take to improve your air conditioner’s performance. In addition to suffering a little less, of course, with the summer heat to come. For example, give preference to cold light or led lamps. Incandescent ones are hotter than fluorescent ones. Keep only those that were extremely necessary to light the room on. Also, put curtains on the windows, preferable ones made of lighter material but sufficient to block the sun’s rays.

By following these tips, you will ensure that your air conditioner operates at optimum performance. And it will, above all, avoid unnecessary expenses when choosing and buying the equipment and the amount of your monthly energy bill. After all, staying fresh and still saving is what everyone wants. The use of expert technicians for repair is also important.