How to Design an English Style Kitchen?

A major effect of the pandemic is that almost everyone has to stay in their own homes because of safety and health precautions. Some people now take online classes from their bedroom or living room, while others have work-from-home setups.

These days, home renovations are extremely popular, including kitchen remodeling brookfield wi and cabinet refacing in Rancho Palos Verdes. English-style kitchens are a trendy design for most homeowners. They feature a traditional but elegant design that incorporates modern conveniences.

Here are some tips for designing an English kitchen you may want to consider.


Traditional British design features muted colors, natural materials, and elegant accents. You can give this look a modern touch by adding gold and silver accents to a marble countertop. You can incorporate wooden furniture or cabinets with ornamental, milled fronts into this style. Or you can have glass panels or open shelves.


Tiled flooring is a common choice for English-style kitchens. But, it’s crucial to pick the right design, like choosing between beauty and natural patterns. Many interior designers create a chess layout with black and white tiles. For the ceiling, wooden decorative beams are the best choice.


English-style kitchens have a lot of vintage furniture. Some of these pieces are associated with older homes. They are often passed down through generations. Today, heirlooms are still a thing between family traditions. Mixing vintage and new furniture is an excellent way of making your space stand out from the rest.

It will take time and planning to remodel your kitchen especially if you’d like to get cabinet refacing like in Tustin and would like to have specific designs. It is important to identify what you want and need before beginning your renovation.

To know more about designing an English style kitchen, you can read this infographic from Mr. Cabinet Care.


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