Time Is Running Out! Consider These Things Before Buying Velvet Curtains

When buying curtains for your home, it is very important to go for a suitable fabric. And so are the velvet curtains! Velvet is known for its luxuriousness because of its smooth and elegant texture. Many homeowners install velvet curtains to give their décor an expensive look. If you are interested in choosing velvet Curtain , you may need to consider their pros and cons first.

Pros Of Velvet Curtains

Velvet curtains are known for their richness. They are ideal for dining rooms, bedrooms, and living rooms. Following are some advantages of installing velvet curtains in your home.

  • Velvet can act as good insulation material and protect against cold and moist weather because of its dense construction.
  • The luxuriousness and richness of velvet curtains are just outstanding. They can complement any interior, be it modern or traditional.
  • Velvet curtains can spruce up the aesthetics of any space where they are installed.
  • Unlike other curtains, velvet curtains can give you strong control over light.
  • Like rugs and carpets, velvet carpets significantly help reduce the room’s echo.

Cons Of Velvet Curtains

Even though velvet is a perfect option for curtains, it has some drawbacks too. Here are a few.

  • It’s very difficult to remove the stains from velvet curtains.
  • Velvet fabric can attract pollutants and dust particles to accumulate on the surface.
  • Unlike other curtains, velvet curtains require frequent cleaning and maintenance.

Different Types Of Velvet Fabric For Curtains

If you are considering velvet curtains for your home, it’s better first to know about different velvet types to make the right decision. Here we are going to discuss 5 common types of velvet.

  • Crushed Velvet

Crushed velvet, as the name implies, has a crushed look that can be obtained by pressing or twisting the fabric while it is wet. The crinkle look of crushed velvet curtains gives a shimmery look.

  • Chiffon Velvet

Also known as “transparent velvet,” chiffon velvet is an ideal choice for curtains because of its sheer nature.

  • Embossed Velvet

The third most common type is embossed velvet. As the name suggests, design (symbols, words, shapes, flowers) is stamped onto the fabric, giving it a fantastic look.

  • Panne Velvet

Panne velvet curtains have a crushed, shiny appearance that gives any space a royal look. You can consider this panne as a type of crushed velvet.

  • Stretch Velvet

With spandex incorporated in the weave, stretch velvet is extremely soft and plushy. This type is ideal for curtains as they give the flexibility to drape.

Final Thoughts

So, do you think velvet is a good curtain fabric? Of course, yes! Especially if you want to give your home a royal and elegant touch. Velvet has been a symbol of comfort and luxury for decades. Velvet curtains are ideal for large windows as they transform them into a luxury feature to look at. There are several pros and cons to spending on velvet curtains; however, the advantages of this fabric largely outweigh the disadvantages!