Which Kitchen Cabinet Finish Should You Settle With?

You need to make a lot of considerations when you are selecting your kitchen cabinetry or when refurbishing them. However, among the many decisions, one of the most important decisions that you need to make is choosing the material finish of the final product. This aspect might seem small and unimportant to you, but it is the finish of the cabinets that dictates the entire look and feel of the kitchen. 

So, here are some popular cabinet finishes to choose from, which are both trendy and exclusive and can uplift the decor of your kitchen space. 


This is a type that is worth trying in your kitchen. The natural style is extremely simple and helps to highlight the base texture and finish of the wood. Its clear protective layer will show just the raw look of the wood used in making the cabinet. The natural beauty of the wood will both be seen as well as protected. This kind of cabinet finish lets you decorate the cabinet just how you want. 


Painted cabinets are another popular choice that have recently gained momentum. Unlike natural style, painted cabinets can hide all the imperfections present in the wood. You can use your own choice of colors to complement your kitchen décor, which eventually boost the appeal of the wood. With painted cabinets, you can control the final look of your space and have everything in sync. 


Staining a cabinet and staining a deck are very much similar. The look of the wood will both be enhanced as well as it will stay protected for long. In this way, your cabinets will be safeguarded against everyday wear and tear. Each piece of the cabinet will appear unique with staining, and every surface will have an individual look. Choosing professional wood stains over others can prevent the cabinets from looking too loud and distracting. 


Applying a layer of lacquer on the cabinet is always wise. Once the coat dries off, the surface will become non-porous and will prevent stains and grease. It will also help in cleaning the cabinets easily. Also, the sheen on the surface will last longer than usual. It is better to apply the lacquer coats over time to prevent them from getting yellow. 

Cuisines Rosemere kitchen cabinets are available in a wide range of finishes. You can choose one that perfectly highlights your space.