How to Prevent Condensation on Windows?


Condensation appearing on windows has turned out to be a major problem in all homes. But the issue isn’t just the condensation, the main issue lies in the fact that this type of moisture buildup can result in obnoxious happenings in our home. The formation of molds, wood rot, including other issue in the house can be as a result of this unwanted moisture. 

The solutions to preventing the formation of condensation on your windows are regulating the humidity and the moisture levels in your home, managing both the temperature and air flow inside, and preventing cold air from entering your home. If you discover that your windows and doors are faulty, you will also need to change them to tackle the issue. 

Below are ways to prevent condensation from forming von your windows:


  • Consider installing a hygrometer 


Installing this device is one way to prevent condensation from forming on your windows. A hygrometer is a device that estimates the amount of moisture present in the air. Since condensation develops when the warm moisture present in the air gathers on a cold surface like your window, keeping close tabs on the moisture level via a hygrometer can help you prevent its occurrence. When you observe that the moisture level in your home is on the increase, take the necessary steps to lessen the humidity. 


  • Make use of exhaust fans and vents all over your house.


One of the best and effective ways to get rid of humidity from your home is to vent it out with the aid of exhaust fans. The use of these fans is very crucial in some rooms and with certain gadgets or home appliances that are known to give off moisture.

  • When bathing, make use of bathroom vents, including fans. Let them operate for about 20 minutes after taking your bath.
  • When cooking, make use of kitchen and stove fans. Let them operate for about 15 minutes after you finish cooking.
  •  Ensure that your dryer vents to the outside when carrying out laundry.


  • Relocate your plants 


Indoor plants can beautify your home, but if you have window condensation issues, you will have to consider relocating them. This is because plants give off moisture, so keeping them in your home can worsen the moisture issue. If you own a sun room that doesn’t get wet, you can consider relocating your plants there. 


  • Switch off any humidifiers 


Humidifies are major contributors to the humidity of your home, so they will cause more condensation to develop on your window. When you observe the formation of condensation on your windows, ensure you kill all humidifiers in your house, including those attached to the furnace.