List of Bedroom Doors for Your Choosing

They say the first impression is what it gets. If this is really true, when we enter a house or a room, we see the doors. Therefore, when decorating a home, we should pay attention to them as well, as they help to instil a sense of style for the place.

There are different sizes, styles, and interior door models, and of course, there is an ideal type for your living room. Before thinking about aesthetics, colour, and material, it is necessary to first analyse what you want with your home’s interior door, integrate environments, isolate them, or halfway through.

This initial decision will help you decide whether you prefer, for example, a sliding glass door, floor-to-ceiling doors, a wooden door, or a double-wing door, as they each serve a different function. To help you with your choice, we have prepared some tips:

Wooden door

The wooden door is synonymous with sophistication. Although there are countless different styles, designs, cuts, and colours, the wooden genre is gaining in popularity due to its elegance.

If the door is external, solid wood door models are advisable as they are heavier, offer more security, and are also more resistant to climate change. Another advantage is the acoustic insulation, which keeps out the noise from the street or even from the neighbours.

The floor-to-ceiling doors, in turn, are ideal for a stay in residence. They are also lighter than the solid wood door, so they do not overload the house’s interior and make your bedroom doorstand out too much unnecessarily. You can find out more choices of bedroom doors at


With its popularity emerging, the glass door is more and more seen in homes, and rightly so, the glass door is neutral so that it can be easily incorporated into any kind of decoration.

Also, it allows the passage of sunlight, making the house more illuminated. The glass door has been given a different capacity in the living room than just separating the spaces; the thermal, acoustic function.

There are different types of glass doors, but the most suitable for the living room is the sliding door. In addition to taking up little space, it is responsible for leaving the environment more integrated.

Double door

If you are looking for a middle ground between the glass door that is less private due to its transparency and the wooden door that completely isolates the environment, the double door could be the solution for you.

With this type of door, you can choose whether you want the environment to be fully integrated, halfway, or fully insulated, as it can be kept half-open.

Both doors isolate the environment from noise, which is an extra point for both. Both also provide the feeling of magnification of the surroundings, but the double glass door provides a better view of the surroundings, even when closed. 

Veneer Door

With a veneer door, you get the warm look of wood but for a softer price. Such an entry is constructed on MDF panels with cell grid cardboard or chipboard in between. The outer layers are provided with a wooden veneer layer in the next stage. A veneer layer is a shell of solid wood. You can perfectly adapt the outer layer to your interior because you choose the color, wood grain, and wood type. Usually, oak is used for the veneer layer because this material can be finished in different ways.