Maintained wooden elements in the bathroom With proper Renovation Deals

Even if the wooden bathroom furniture is protected against moisture, it is still necessary to maintain them properly. Do not leave the furniture wet and always try to ventilate the room well. This is especially important after taking a shower or bath. In addition, use soft and mild cleaning products. This way, the protected top layer or oil layer will last longer.

Wood for every style

Wood has a very natural and warm appearance. Yet you can use it with any interior style. From cool and industrial to very modern,it is always a stylish option! You can match the look of the wooden bathroom furniture in many ways to your favorite style. Choose from different colors, designs, finishes and handles. Also look for a suitable sink and nice tap to complete it. At WOOD4 you will find a wide range of bathroom furniture in various styles. So take a look at the website or in the showroom to get some inspiration! For your convenience, we have listed a few popular bathroom styles below.

Rural: A country bathroom is all about warmth, atmosphere and cosiness. Robust wooden furniture fits in perfectly with this. For example, opt for a large bathroom cabinet on sturdy legs and with typical rural fronts.

Industrial: The industrial living style remains a big hit. For this sturdy look you can opt for sleek wooden bathroom furniture as well as robust elements with an ‘unfinished’ and raw appearance. Combine it with materials such as metal and colors such as black and dark gray. In case of HDB renovation this is important.

Modern and minimalist: In the modern and minimalist style, design and use of materials are even more important. The bathroom furniture is the eye-catcher in the room. Give the wooden furniture even more luxury by combining it with a beautiful washbasin tap. Think of a built-in tap or a high curvy tap of Italian top quality.

Mediterranean: Do you want to get a holiday feeling in your own home? Then give the bathroom a Mediterranean look. You do this with wooden elements, colorful tiles and possibly even with a number of plants.

Vintage and retro: Finally, wooden bathroom furniture can also go well with the vintage or retro style.

  • Especially if it is a dark wood with an orange-brown hue.
  • The design can have an antique look, but you can also opt for just some vintage details such as metal handles.
  • Atmospheric, warm and cozy perfect features to make them so trendy. How can you get these prints back in your home? We share our tips!

Oriental prints on the carpet

We start with perhaps the most famous example of the Eastern interior: go for an Oriental carpet! In the living room under the sofa, for example a real eye-catcher. But such a rug is also beautiful in the bedroom or in the hall. Wherever you place it: it certainly stands out. Furthermore, such a rug really enhances the atmosphere in your interior. It often contains deep colors, such as burgundy or dark blue. And it is precisely those colors that give character to your home. Preferably let the colors come back in other places in the room, for example by painting the wall in such a color, or the furniture. Or bring even more Eastern interior ideas to your home.