Steps to follow when getting your carpet cleaned

Before any cleaning, a professional carpet cleaning service will measure the area of the carpet you want to get cleaned and provide you with a written estimate of how much the complete procedure will cost. It is done before any cleaning is done. However, the carpet cleaning prices Edmonton may differ slightly from the estimate as it is not the final price report. Some of the steps followed to clean your carpet are given below:

  1. A pre inspection: In order to assess the carpet area which needs to be cleaned, a pre inspection is done. It is done to know the existing problems of the carpet. Another important thing to do here is to determine the fiber type with a quick test so that cleaning is done appropriately. Once this is done, you will get the estimated carpet cleaning prices Edmonton. If you are okay with it, you can proceed or else you can choose another company.
  2. Vacuuming: This helps in the removal of dry soil as much as possible so that hot water extraction procedure can be more effective
  3. Pre spray: Depending on the fiber type, the spray is chosen and applied to the carpet. It breaks the soil and brings it to the carpet’s surface so that the detergent can effectively clean it.
  4. Smell counteract: An actual deodorizer is used to get rid of bad odor from the carpet. Urine of your pet may require special treatment though.
  5. Hot water extraction: Hot water rinsing and complete extraction is carried out to wipe out all the bacteria, fungus and dirt, dust particles, debris from your carpet.
  6. Spot cleaning: Getting rid of the remaining stains and spot is done in this procedure. Special treatment is done to wipe out the spots.
  7. Post cleaning: After all the cleaning is done, the flawed areas and installation defects are dealt with. Solutions are used to minimize or correct the problems.

In case procedures like steam cleaning and all is need, then it is done to revive the carpets and bring it to its new like condition.

Every carpet cleaning company may charge different price for same cleaning. Do not go for something as low as $20 per room for cleaning as the cheapest rates will give you zero quality. The carpet cleaning prices Edmonton depend on the size of the carpet you are going to clean and the amount of dirt which your carpet holds. Surely every cleaning scenario is different and if a company charges higher prices for cleaning, then it may because of valid reasons. Find out what all the company is charging you with and if there are any hidden costs involved or not. Some companies charge extra for pet smell elimination, stain removal processes and carpet protection treatment. Find out if they are included in your cleaning package or not.

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