Choosing The Best for the Vacuuming Works

Ideal to keep a tablecloth always clean and for small incidents of everyday life, the hand vacuum is not bulky, to remain always available. Some models suck water and dust. The use of Vacuum cleaning is important there. The use of the bissell crosswave reviews 2019 happens to be quite important here.

Choose with or without bag

No offense to people “antisac”, more numerous, some tests demonstrate over the years that conventional models have a better suction. And that, whatever the type of soil on which they engage (tiling, parquet, linoleum, carpet, parquet) or of pollutants that they are forced to face (crumbs, glasses, dust, food, animal hair). In addition, they are also more hygienic. And yes, once full, a bag – which clogs when removed – can be simply discarded, unlike a tank that needs to undergo cleaning, which exposes the user to breathe dust. It is an argument to which allergic people will surely be sensitive and if at a rate of 10 euros of spare bags per year, conventional vacuum cleaners may seem more expensive to use, in fact their main fault is found elsewhere. It lies in the many references of bags available.

So, write well that of your model in your notebook; when you buy your stock, you will save the doubt that grips any consumer facing the linear. Know that with equal characteristics, a vacuum bag with a bag and without a bag are as qualitative one as the other. However, to maintain a good quality of aspiration, a bagless vacuum cleaner requires a fairly regular maintenance (emptying of the dust receptacle and cleaning of the filter), it would be necessary after each use according to the use. Less restrictive and more hygienic, a vacuum cleaner with bag requires however the purchase of bags. It’s up to you to make the right choice between saving money or time!

Energy consumption

Of course, you suspect that an efficient vacuum cleaner on smooth floor, may be less on a carpet or a thick carpet.

But how to recognize vacuum cleaners capable of deep cleaning this type of surfaces?

Forget the power of the device (which is indicated in watts), it only expresses the energy consumption. The real performance criteria of a vacuum cleaner are elsewhere!

To enable you to recognize them easily, each device is accompanied by an energy label that indicates (among other things) dust removal performance according to the type of soil. A pictogram clearly tells you if the vacuum cleaner is not suitable for vacuuming carpets or hard floors. On compatible surfaces, the cleaning efficiency is evaluated on a scale from A to G (A for the most efficient).

Energy consumption vacuum cleaner

Anti-allergy filters

An improvement that originated from the generalization of cloth bags and filters “high filtration” type Hepa (High Efficiency Particulate Air). There are several types of vacuum cleaners (H12: minimum filtration performance of 99.5%, H13: 99.80% and finally H14: 99.995%). The quality of filtering also plays a vital role. Now, with some aspirators, the particles sucked remain in the bag, even the smallest and most allergenic. If you are allergic to dust or asthma then be careful about the quality of the filters used.