Condo Amenities

Condo Amenities: 6 Things People Are Demanding

Nothing beats the feeling of receiving the keys to your first property. It is a huge milestone that signifies maturity and growth. However, there are some considerations you should make before you can reach this point, especially if you are buying a condo in Manhattan. Read on to discover the must-have condo amenities for buyers in the Manhattan real estate market.

Private and Co-Working Spaces

Private and co-working spaces are becoming must-haves for today’s condo buyers or renters. With the surge in remote work and flexible schedules, having a space to concentrate on work outside the conventional office setting is hugely important. These spaces offer a change in ambiance from the traditional home office setup, resulting in enhanced creativity and productivity.

Furthermore, arranging group presentations and meetings in a professional setting can make a huge impression on colleagues and clients. Whether it is a shared or individual workspace, this amenity offers value to current residents, potential buyers, or renters.

Outdoor Kitchen and Dining Area

Incorporating an outdoor kitchen and dining area into a condo offers residents a refreshing change of scenery during their meals. Whether during a simple setup of grilling stations or a more sophisticated brick oven or fire pit, residents can enjoy cooking and dining outdoors. Besides, this extra amenity encourages residents to spend time outdoors, enhancing the general condo living experience.

Outdoor Kitchen and Dining Area

Fitness Center or Gym

People currently emphasize health and wellness, so a well-fashioned fitness center or gym is a huge attraction when shopping for Manhattan luxury condos. This amenity eliminates the need for a costly gym membership off-site. Most luxury condos have fitness spaces for lifting weights, playing tennis, basketball, among other activities. 

Rooftop Lounge and Deck

A rooftop lounge in Manhattan allows residents to escape the hustle and bustle of NYC and relax in the open air. It is a nice place to host outdoor events or sit, and take in the evening sunsets. And with some lovely landscaping and seating arrangements, this section can be used for hosting guests during dinner and birthday parties.

Smart Home Features

Smart technology is often a top priority when condo buyers seek a new property. Smart home features, such as thermostats, allow residents to regulate the temperature from their mobiles, saving energy whilst improving comfort.

Likewise, voice-activated assistants can offer news updates, music, and even switch on lights or set timers in the kitchen. Smart locks also provide an extra layer of convenience and security. And with new developments in smart home technology continuously coming up, Manhattan real estate agent Noble Black assures condo owners that they do not have to worry about their homes feeling outdated

Community Room

Most condo buildings have big, multi-purpose community rooms for various functions. These rooms frequently have kitchen facilities, chairs, tables, and even a bar or wine cellar. Some condo complexes even add recreational features like ping-pong tables and pool tables. 

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