Dryer Vent Facts And Myths Every Homeowner Should Know

If you’re someone who often does the laundry, you’ll know how efficient it is to use washing machines and clothes dryers. However, machines like these — fully-outfitted with intricate tumblers, pipes, ducts, and vents — demand more thorough cleaning than others. The dryer vent, in particular, is something that should be given particular attention to because when overlooked, it can lead to longer drying times, higher energy bills, and increased chances of catching fire.

Hiring a dryer vent cleaning Falls Church VA company does provide great benefits if you want to secure yours is in good, optimal condition. However, it will also be much helpful if you yourself can be able to distinguish what’s fact and what’s not when it comes to dryer vents.

Myth: It’s okay to vent the dryer inside the house

Fact: The roof and the sidewall are the most suitable areas to vent your dryer. Doing this directly into your house will only create a warm and moist atmosphere (where molds can grow), and create a hazardous environment because of the presence of fine lint particles (which by the way are flammable).

Myth: The dryer vent doesn’t need to be insulated

Fact: Insulation is not a problem if your vent is in a warm place. But as it’s most recommended to be at your roof or sidewall, might as well get it insulated and protect its pipes and ducts from getting frozen during the wintertime.

Myth: The dryer can be vent along with other exhaust areas like chimneys

Fact: Got an attic or a chimney? Never let your dryer pipes and exhaust vent be incorporated or dependent with them. By making them their own system, it will be more effective for your dryer unit to let out the heat and steam it produces to dry your clothes. Cleaning it will also be much more effective and efficient.

Myth: Relying on professional cleaning services is not cost-effective

Fact: Dryer vent cleaning Falls Church VA companies are in the market for a good reason. They’re well equipped with the experience, knowledge, and equipment to do the cleaning effectively. Instead of doing this task on your own (especially if the vent is on the roof, a hard-to-reach-place), better get them help and avoid unnecessary expenses in the process.

Tell-Tale Signs a Dryer Vent Cleaning is Badly Needed

As mentioned, cleaning drying vents isn’t something that should be ignored. It’s a potential fire hazard, plus, it can cause your energy bills to dramatically go up. Apart from you noticing this increase in your energy expenses, you should be aware if you experience any of the following:

It takes more time for your clothes to dry than the usual

Your dryer’s exterior (or your laundry room itself) feels hotter

You notice a burning smell once the dryer starts running

When this happens, take your time to revisit the instructions manual and check how these cases should be addressed. If you’re the more cautious type (read: one who doesn’t want to do things DIY-style), then it’s best for you to tap the knowledge and deftness of a dryer vent cleaning Falls Church VA company.

JCS Home Services provides dryer vent cleaning Falls Church VA services that ensure your dryer operates optimally while keep your home safe from possible fire hazard. Contact us today to inquire!


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