How To Avoid Chimney Cleaning Scams: 5 Red Flags To Recognize

Thanks to modern technology and innovation, many homes now have centralized heating instead of relying on a fireplace. However, there are still a good number of homes in Virginia that have traditional fireplaces that are in use. This percentage of VA residents are those that require the services of a professional chimney cleaning Winchester VA company.

Unfortunately, due to the diminishing numbers of real fireplaces, the chances of getting scammed by a so-called chimney cleaner has increased. Many people who rely on the fireplace are not aware of its cleaning and maintenance needs which scammers take advantage of.

Don’t fall victim to these scams, watch out for the following red flags:

1 – Unbelievable Prices

The reason the chimney cleaning fee is unbelievably cheap is because it’s not true. Scammers will lure in unsuspecting clients by offering their services for cheap, but in reality, they will add many hidden fees on the final bill.

Labor, tools, and other factors will result in a $200 cleaning fee. Any quote that is too low or too high is more likely a scam and are best avoided.

2 – Using Scare Tactics

Another sign of a chimney cleaning scam is the use of scare tactics. Reliable and honest chimney cleaning Winchester VA companies will not scare you into hiring them for the job and they won’t be offended when you’re looking at other service providers.

Even if the fireplace and chimney have been showing signs of needing a good cleaning, there’s no need to rush the hiring process. Stay clear of companies that say you need their services right away, they’re just trying to scare you into hiring them.

3 – Cannot Provide References

When researching a chimney cleaning company it is within your right to ask for references from previous clients. Service providers that are legitimate and true to their word will gladly share reviews and comments from their past work. Companies that are aggressively defense about their references are likely hiding something from you, don’t hire them for the job.

4 – Licenses And Certifications

Never hire a chimney sweep that cannot provide their local licenses and certifications. Every state has its guidelines for service providers and to ensure that they are certified to work in Virginia, ask for a copy of their licenses. If they show out of state certifications, don’t hire them as this indicates they are not a real Virginia based company.

Any cleaning company that refuses to show their license, business permit, and other certifications are most likely trying to scam you out of your money.

5 – Zero Online Presence

Everything can be found online nowadays, and professional chimney sweeps crestview fl are no different. Cleaning crews that do not have an official website or cannot be found on Google are subject to scrutiny because there’s no reason not to be online unless you are hiding something.

Always do your research and read about the chimney cleaners before hiring them. This extra step will help you weed out the scammers from the legit local chimney cleaners in your area.

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