Methods you aware of cleaning the ink markings from PVC pipes

PVC pipes are playing a major role in the domestic and industrial applications. It is having so many advantages due to its durability, strength, and flexibility. Everything wants to maintain to get their benefits for a prolonged period. The manufactures will add a small amount of price for maintaining in addition to PVC pipe price. If once it is fitted then you have to maintain the pipes. If you want to know about the cleaning process of the pipe, then you were on the right page. In this article, you can find ways to clean the PVC pipe.

Safety first

The PVC pipes are available in the form of combinations. A number of PVC Connectors are involved in the applications. It is necessary to clean the PVC pipes and their connectors. Safety is the major concern that is involved in the process of cleaning the PVC pipes.

Based on the PVC Pipe pricethe maintenance is provided by manufacturers or the agents. The cleaning process involves the handling of chemicals and acetone. The chemicals involved in the cleaning process may harm the individual. Hands are mainly involved in the cleaning process, so gloves should wear by the cleaning person. To protect your eyes you can wear safety glasses or goggles.

Surface standing methods

This is the easiest way of cleaning PVC pipes. In this method, you can clean the manufactures ink markings from the PVC pipe surface. The cleaning method uses either foam or rubber sanding blocks to sand away the markings. This method uses the sand of elements which are presented on the surface of the pipe and revealing only the plastic material that is presented below the ink and the markings. 

The sanding blocks will be mostly available on the hardware stores and home centers. So this method is considered an easy method. The final result of this method is the pipe may look patchy dull and matte finish. But this method is free from chemicals. So while using this method the person may not have any harmful effects on their body.  

Surface Ink dilution

The next method for cleaning the pipe is surface ink dilution. In this method, the usage of acetone has occurred. With the help of the acetone, you can clean the manufacturer’s ink from the surface of the PVC pipe. Acetone will be made into smaller parts and dilute the ink from the surface of the pipe. 

The manufacturer ink is normally made up of complex formula which is applied on the pipe with the help of pipe printer. The only way to remove the ink is by melting the ink itself from the pipe and wipes it away from the pipe. The method should be done more quickly to avoid the purple haze on the pipe.

Surface dissolve cleaning

In the cleaning process of PVC Connectors, the next method is by surface dissolve cleaning method. In this method, PVC cement is allowed to dissolve in the pipe and melt in the surface of the pipe to remove the ink markings.

The Bottom lines

Thus, the above-mentioned are the tips to clean the ink markings from the PVC pipes. And at the same time, the method which is chosen to remove the ink should not cause any damage to the pipe also.