Planting a tree- Steps to follow

Trees are the green gold of nature and planting trees is a landscape investment towards a healthy environment. But planting trees is not as simple as digging a hole and just throwing seed on it. It needs research and effort. You need to consider a lot many factors like climate, soil texture, the purpose of planting trees in your area and many more. Giving a healthy start will help your tree grow flowers, fruits, and foliage and increases its life. An arborist Toronto can help you guide in this respect.

Decide upon the right time

What is the right time to plant a tree depends on the climate and the season of the place? Ideally, trees are planted in the fall season after a leaf drop or in early spring season before the bud break. During this time, the weather is cool which allow the roots to get firm in the soil. Spring rains and summer heat thereafter will promote further growth.  In tropical and subtropical places, you can plant a tree all the year round provided there is ample water supply to its roots.

Prevent transplant shock

Avoid transplant shock in case of balled, burlapped and container trees while shifting them from nursery to your lawn area. Their root system may get cut at the time of planting due to which they won’t be able to grow healthy thereafter. Proper site preparation and proper handling prevents this shock situation and promotes healthy growth.

Steps to follow for planting a tree:

According to professional experts like arborist Toronto tree removal, most of the trees are planted incorrectly. You should follow the right steps for that:

  1. Check for all underground utilities before digging a hole. Avoid any anticipated conflict with overhead and underground lines.
  2. Locate the trunk flare (an area where the trunk expands at the base).
  3. Dig a wide hole about 2-3 times wider than the root ball.
  4. Remove the containers and check for container root balls for circling roots. Remove them.
  5. Plant the tree at the correct height and not so deep.
  6. Straighten the tree.
  7. Go for backfilling with soil at the base of the root ball and firmly stabilize the tree. Add soil again to remove air pockets.
  8. Spread mulch (organic material like composite) at the base of the tree.
  9. Water it finally and periodically.
  10. Avoid water logging.

Deciding the right tree for the right place:

You should do proper planning and proper tree selection before planting any tree. Planting the right variety at the right place according to climate, weather, and the soil is important for any tree to grow healthy in its life span. Deciding upon the right tree is also important for your house. It serves your purpose to plant a tree in your yard area. It also increases the aesthetic and overall value of your property. Take guidance from a professional expert tree service Toronto in this.