Tips and Tricks to Make Your Terrace House Stand Out

Certainly, you want your house to reflect your tastes, but you also want to preserve the property’s history and retain a high resale value. What can you do to give your home a little more oomph?

Ask any renovation company in Singapore, and they’ll tell you that terrace houses have an inherent beauty that you don’t want to obscure with too many extravagant additions. Because of this, we’ve focused on a few modest yet effective modifications you may make to your Singapore terrace house designs.

1. Paint the outside.

A fresh coat of paint will quickly revitalise your home, especially if you repair any cracks or flaking finishes while doing it!

2. Emphasise period characteristics.

If the front of your terraced home has abundant historical characteristics, such as elegant door accents, you should really emphasise them! Commit to a regular cleaning and repainting plan and carefully maintain them to be always noticeable.

3. Be daring with colour.

If you appreciate the history of your property but have more contemporary preferences, go for it with a striking colour choice! Dark grey shouldn’t work here, yet it does since the rest of the design is so basic.

4. Add an extension.

There is no better way to distinguish your terraced home from the others than with an attractive addition. If you position it in the backyard, the front of your house will appear unaltered, but you’ll have so much additional space inside!

5. Modernise the appearance.

Another trick is to modernise the outside. Smooth, unfussy bay windows, more energy-efficient windows, and a distinctive colour will likely attract great interest!

6. Give it a curbside charm.

Stand back and examine your home objectively. Change anything that doesn’t appear to be in good taste! It may be as easy as concealing trash cans, pruning your bushes, or replacing your door’s hardware. Examine your house as if you were preparing to purchase it, and you will be able to identify any areas needing improvement.

7. Make the front door distinctive.

Your terraced home’s front door is a terrific opportunity to add a touch of personality! Whether you adhere to a classic design and paint it a vibrant hue or incorporate something a bit more modern, it may become the primary focal point of the entire facade.

8. Clean up your front yard.

Your front yard directly influences your home’s appearance, so don’t ignore it! Simple privet hedges and shingles are attractive, low-maintenance solutions to keep the front area well-kept.

9. Try installing window boxes.

Here is a helpful hint! Add window boxes to your home and grow seasonal, beautiful flowers that are simple to maintain and replace on the balcony. A small amount of natural colour can truly attract the attention of passersby!

10. Add some personalised railings.

When terraced houses are adorned with heritage-style railings, they look lovely. They are indeed a marriage made in heaven! If you don’t have any or if yours are a little worn, replace them with something eye-catching and authoritative, and you’ll notice the difference.