Tulip Table Design Tips

Tulip tables are the preferred style of furniture in true modern as well as contemporary style interior designs. Originally designed in 1957 by Eero Saarinen, now it has become a seminal piece that has an authenticity to complement a number of different interiors, whether you place it as a center piece in your dining room adding your favourite chairs, just right for smaller spaces or just an decorative table around the house or work space, from mid-century modern to retro chic to sophisticatedly transitional and ultra-contemporary. Tulip Table, also known as the Saarinen table, is that simply goes with just about every interior design. Let’s take a look at how this trendy table design can be used within the context of various interior design styles.

1. Neo-Classical Style

The neo-classical style is known by sophistication and elegancy. Tulip Table brings in a breath of fresh modern air into timeless elegance.  Here we present combination of sleek, stylish and highly modish Tulip Table acts as the perfect centerpiece amongst the detailed ornateness of the rest of the furniture design. It provides an unfettered symmetry to the whole ambiance and creates a cohesive focal point that makes space look rhythmic and defined.


  1. Modern

Rejection of the ornate flourishes is modernism. Modern designs have several common components of which the design themes have become associated with modern design. Voluptuous and practical Tulip Table would be the perfect accompaniment to a modern interior design.

3. Industrial

In past couple years, Industrial interior design has become popular for household and it’s easy to see why. It’s perfect blend of old and new. This is why the Tulip Table perfectly complimenting this style. Designers usually top it off with a beautiful flower arrangement and complement it with some shabby chic area rugs to give it stylish yet edgy effect and also pair it up with some eames chairs.

4. Vintage

The Tulip Table would be the perfect accompaniment to a cozy, elegant, romantic Vintage interior design. The whole setting on the image is inspiringly vintage; simple Tulip Table complementing the chairs, the décor, the surroundings, and more.

5. Contemporary

The contemporary style is always a mix and match, by definition contemporary refers to “living or occurring at present.”  The Tulip Table can be the perfect centerpiece for such a setting. Image shows how you where the strategic blend of various design elements acts as a backdrop to the centerpiece of the Tulip Table.

6. Bohemian

The Bohemian or Boho Chic is another style from 50’s is experiencing a revival. Bohemian furnishings turn your home surprising style oasis. Image showing how designers used Tulip Table without looking out of space in such a setting. Pairing with navy blue cockfight chairs, Tulip Table plays major role to provide cohesiveness to the whole set.

The Tulip Table (Saarinen Table) is sophisticated, chic furniture piece that blends within all interior design styles and makes them look iconic yet simple.