Every homeowner knows that the property requires constant maintenance and care. Gutters and eavestroughs are that part of the house that we pay the least attention to. They are the essential part of the drainage of rainfall and precipitation of your home. Oakville Eavestrough repair will inspect your gutters and repair them if they are in a bad shape. They might also need replacing when the wet season is around the corner. Though maintaining the gutters is quite a task, but it is crucial to do so to avoid water damage to your home. They are installed to channel the water away from the foundation of your home.

What is the damage caused by a poorly maintained gutter?

A poorly maintained gutter can cause your basement to flood, which can crack the foundation of your home, cause soil erosion, dry-rot, paint damage, window and door damage and mould. If your gutters are sagging, have clogs or holes then you need to either get your gutters fixed or replaced. Cleaning and getting your gutters inspected is a good routine to develop as it would help to avoid any critical damage and solve any problem before it even arises. 20-30 years is the average life span of the gutters, but this number fluctuates depending on the maintenance, preservation, care and weather conditions in your area.

What can reduce the life expectancy of the gutters?

Debris Accumulation: Loose debris like leaves, mulch and twigs start to decompose if they aren’t regularly cleaned out. This mass matts down and compresses into a solid damp sheet which lines the gutter. This matter blocks the flow of water which causes clogs. If the matter damp isn’t damp but dry then it can become a fire hazard.

Gutter Damage: gutters can get damaged due to clogs from debris which occurs in various ways. Leaning ladders to clean out the gutters can also damage them. Though it may sound counter-intuitive, it all boils down to how the ladder is handled. This can be done by successfully planning but rough handling of the ladder against the gutter can damage them. Ice formations also cause damage to the gutters. Pest infections, rust from clogged water and storm and tree damage are also ways in which your gutters could potentially become impaired.

What are the different materials in which gutters are available?

Aluminium and steel are the two most common types of gutters. Aluminium is not the cheapest of the gutters but it is highly resistant to rust and is lighter in weight. It can be easily customized and is available in a wide variety of colours to match your house. Whereas, steel gutters are more durable. There are two types of steel gutters galvanised steel and stainless steel. Stainless steel is rust-resistant but costs higher than galvanized steel. Galvanized steel doesn’t get dented easily but rusts faster. Vinyl and copper are other material options available.