3 Major Types of Kitchen Cabinets

One needn’t be an expert to come up with innovative ideas. All you need is the right research and planning. So, when it comes to designing an important part of the house, you need to have prior knowledge of a few aspects like the trends, prices and the availability. Since the kitchen experiences the highest traffic in the house, choosing the elements or materials for it may get tricky. When it comes to designing the kitchen, cabinets are the most significant part. Not only are the cabinets available in thousands of designs, but several patterns, shapes and sizes and colors as well. And, this can make the task challenging. 

We shall thus, take a look at 3 major types of kitchen cabinets that you can use: 

The Shaker style

No matter the number of trends, classy never goes out of style. And, that’s what the shaker style is about. The shaker style comprises five flat panel pieces while a single flat panel is placed at the center, the other four pieces create a frame around it, giving it a contemporary and stylish feel.  Shaker style cabinets are also known for their sturdy nature and quality wood. Woods that are usually used in these cabinets are hickory, cherry and maple. So, if you want to have a classy kitchen, you can go with the shaker style cabinets

The Inset style 

Inset kitchen cabinets, doors and drawers are considered extremely luxurious. The uniqueness of the inset cabinets lies in the inset doors that are set inside the cabinet frames rather than on the outside. Made with utter precision and accuracy, these cabinets reflect the finest of work. 

The Louvered style

If you’re concerned about good ventilation, and a design that can make the kitchen cabinets look radiant, you can consider installing Louvered style cabinets. Louvered cabinets come with a wooden, horizontal slat or belt. These cabinets are good for ventilation, given the space between each slat. You can often find this type of design on furniture pieces, windows, and on the interiors. However, Louvered style cabinets are usually expensive. These are also some of the most popular and revered ones. 

So, if you’re someone who is quite new at this, or having problems dealing with countless and overwhelming design ideas, you need to have some basic concepts clear. With RêveCuisine kitchen cabinets, you will get to explore some of the best designs in kitchen cabinets.