6 Mistakes We Make When Cleaning and How to Avoid Them

The mistakes we make in daily cleaning cost us money, time and may even affect our health. So, before you start cleaning, read these tips to avoid the most common mistakes.

#1: Do not ignore germs

The sponge that you use to clean or wash the dishes can contribute, if you do not take the proper precautions, to spread dangerous germs. Try this trick once a week to eliminate them: rinse the sponge well, sprinkle it with a few drops of lemon juice and put it in the microwave at maximum power for two minutes. Be careful when removing it because it will be hot.

#2: Do not clean the windows on a sunny day

When you clean the glass from the windows on a sunny day, the cleaning liquid evaporates quickly, leaving behind unpleasant scratches. To avoid this, I advise you to clean the windows on a cloudy day in which it is not too hot (check the weather website before planning what day). When it comes to drying the glass, I recommend using the window squeegee; they do the job much faster! You can as well contract your window cleaning to professionals who can better handle the job for you. A good example is Zachs Power Washing. You can check them out.

#3: Do not forget the gloves

The active ingredients of the cleansers we use in daily cleaning are not only powerful; they can also be toxic! In addition to opening the windows, make sure to always wear gloves, even when using natural ingredients such as vinegar or lemon. Instead of the latex gloves, choose a rubber model with a cotton lining to add another protective barrier. Your hands will thank you!

#4: Do not put that in the dishwasher!

If you want to extend the life of some of your favorite kitchen utensils, do not wash them in the dishwasher! This appliance makes our lives easier, but it is especially harmful for wooden utensils such as spoons and chopping boards, iron pans, copperware, antique porcelain dishes and, of course, delicate glass.

#5: Do not mix the cleaners

Even with the good intention to clean thoroughly, it is common to make the mistake of mixing different types of cleaners. Pay attention as some combinations may result in toxic gases or vapors. Never mix ammonia with bleach, vinegar with bleach, or rubbing alcohol with bleach. Although the combination of baking soda and vinegar is considered a natural disinfectant, it really is not an effective cleanser. Also do not mix products of different brands, even if they are the same type of cleaner.

#6: Do not clean wooden floors with water

Although sometimes tempts us to clean the wooden floors with water and perhaps vinegar in a cloth, better to avoid it. Water is the worst enemy of wooden floors. How to clean? Sweep the floor or vacuum it with the proper accessory. Then clean using a slightly damp cloth (never wet!) And the cleaner indicated for your type of wood or laminate.