Benefits of Buying a Single Family home in Scottsdale

Scottsdale, Arizona, is a desirable place to live and buy homes. The city has many amenities, including world-class museums, award-winning arts and culture, and beautiful mountain views. Additionally, it boasts one of the nation’s highest concentrations of high-tech businesses. The city is also home to many world-class golf courses and resorts, which attract tourists worldwide. Not only is Scottsdale an attractive place to live, but it is also a great place to buy a home. The area has been witnessing an influx of new residents, and many homes for sale in Scottsdale AZ, are single-family homes.

What exactly are single-family homes?

Single-family homes are the traditional style of home found in neighborhoods across America. They are typically two or more stories tall, contain a single family, and often include a garage or carport. They are the kind of residence most people envision when they consider dwelling. Some single-family homes are large enough to require a lawn and still be considered “single-family,” while others are small enough to be called “row houses” or “appts.”

They are typically larger than apartments but smaller than houses with multiple families. They are composed of one unit or a small number of units connected by common areas such as hallways, stairwells, and lobbies. They often have a private front door, a front yard, and a single parking space. In Scottsdale, a house costs $938.45k on average. Moreover, homes in Scottsdale typically stay on the market for 40 days. 

Traits of a single-family home:

  • A single-family residence is an independent, detached building. It indicates that no other residences share the home’s roof or exterior walls.
  • A single-family home is constructed on its piece of ground and has no common property. The surrounding region is for the owner’s personal use alone.
  • This kind of house has direct access to a roadway or street that is both private and unshared. In contrast, an apartment has access to the street through a lobby and hallways.
  • A single-family dwelling can only be served by one set of utilities, which cannot in any manner be shared with another property. It holds every necessary service, including heating, electricity, water, etc.
  • It is constructed with the intention of housing just one family, individual, or household, the owner of which holds an undivided stake in the land.

Why are single-family homes so popular?

  • One of the biggest reasons for single-family homes being significant housing segments is affordability.
  • Nowadays, single-family homes are synonymous with the dream of home ownership. They evoke thoughts of open areas and clean air. They provide a sense of freedom and seclusion that are absent from apartment life.
  • They offer more space and flexibility than apartment buildings, which are often designed to accommodate as many people as possible. Single-family homes also offer a sense of security and comfort that apartment buildings cannot provide.
  • For those who demand extra storage, single-family homes are the best option. Condominiums and townhouses offer less storage space due to their smaller size.


The best homes for sale in Scottsdale, AZ, communities offer a variety of housing, shopping, and recreational opportunities, making them the perfect places to raise a family or call home. While there are plenty of great communities to choose from, one of the best places to call home is a single-family home.