Reasons Why Ceramic Tiles Are Great Flooring Investment

Ceramic tile is made from white or red clay. It is applied in several areas across the house for floors, walls, and counter-tops. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are interchangeably used but are different. Ceramic has a high absorption rate, so it can get chipped and damaged easily in comparison. 

Club Ceramic floor tiles are a functional, feasible and aesthetic option. Some of the reasons why ceramic tiles are a great option are given below.

  • Eco-friendly – The raw materials used are sand, glass, and clay. Other recycled materials are blended and ceramic tiles are made. It also helps to decrease energy as the interiors stay cool in summer. Wall tiles add insulating qualities in winter. 
  • Low maintenance – Besides simple cleaning you don’t need to be concerned about any special maintenance.
  • Easy cleaning – Sweep the floor and wipe. Ceramic tiles are great for kitchen floors because you can keep the surrounding clean and disinfected because spills get wiped quickly. Use a grout cleaner, if the floor seems dirtier. 
  • Total cost – The price will depend on the chosen tile design, intricacy, and project size.
  • Pampered for choice – There are hundreds and hundreds of shapes, sizes, design, and style options available.
  • Property value increases – The resale price of your home increases with a ceramic wood tile home. 
  • Reduces household allergens – Ceramic floor does not attract dust or mites like carpet flooring. Therefore there is less dust moving in the home interiors, so the air you breathe is without household allergens. It is a great option for a family having a loved one suffering from allergies. 

Now, you are certain that ceramic tiles are a great one-time investment. Let’s compare them with natural stone and hardwood. 

Ceramic tiles vs. natural stone

Natural stones are mined from mountains and cut into rectangular or square tiles for flooring. These are naturally hard materials and last long. They can range from ordinary-looking styles to exotic ones. Natural stone is expensive than the manufactured ceramics. Natural stone needs periodic sealing process and stains easily than ceramic tiles. 

Ceramic tile vs. hardwood

Both have the same long-lasting advantage. Modern ceramic tiles are printed and shaped to appear like hardwood flooring. The main difference is its pricing. The former is less expensive than natural hardwood flooring. Ceramic is less vulnerable to staining and water damage. Harwood needs floor refinishing fenton, mo when scratches, scars, and spills pile up on its surface. This is impossible with ceramic tile, but it does not wear as wood does!