Replace Your Windows in Any Season

According to experts, 70% of your home’s energy loss can occur in the doors and windows, and 90% of heat loss from window occurs due to glass. 

People in Los Angeles usually never take seriously about their home’s windows, which are a very important component that can affect drastically on your energy bills as well as overall comfort. No matter whatever is the season, you should not put up with such energy loss.

You can always save your time and money with right preparation for your replacement windows in Los Angeles by considering windows from Intex Windows Inc. Following are few ways to do preparation of your home during any season:


  • Make sure to clean all areas around the windows as dust or pollen may cause problems.
  • Remove blinds or curtains fixed on your windows. Mostly all the hardware can stay but ask the installer if he is comfortable with it.
  • In case you have installed a security system, then deactivate the window sensors before installers arrive.
  • Often window installers may use drop cloths, so it may be helpful using additional plastic sheeting or drop cloths of your own for surrounding floors and walls to keep your home totally free of dust and debris.
  • Any tree shrubs and branches may sometimes create obstacles to installers, so it will be helpful cutting back beforehand. Also, remove decoration from outdoor window like holiday wreaths and lights.
  • Try to move any furniture which may be coming on the way of installers so that no obstruction comes in their path during the installation. If your items are very heavy and difficult to move by you then ask for help. 
  • Prior to window installation make sure that all pets and children are properly secured at some place much away from your work space. As the installers may carry heavy objects, everyone must stay clear from the area.



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