What Are Maintenance Services Provided For Geothermal Systems?

Geothermal heating and cooling systems are renowned for delivering cost-effective, long-term, and efficient energy-saving processes. Regular maintenance is essential and fundamental to caring for your home’s comfort system.

What components of your geothermal systems do you need to maintain?

You should know about a few things listed below regarding Local Geothermal Services Blairstown because maintenance is essential to the longevity and effectiveness of your system.

  • Antifreeze

The geothermal system’s loops are filled with an antifreeze mixture to prevent freezing. Maintenance is needed at a proper level for the system to work correctly.

  • Dirt/Debris

Since the geothermal system is both inside and outside, there is a chance that debris or dirt could harm it. The heat exchange of your system that could be impacted by debris can be cleaned by Local Geothermal Services Blairstown.

  • Air ducts

The air ducts of a geothermal system are equally important to those in a conventional furnace setup. You must be careful to maintain the quality of the ducts to keep the airflow effective and consistent.

  • Installation

Local Geothermal Services Blairstown can properly install the Geothermal system in your home. While the interior systems of a geothermal heat pump are identical to those of a regular heat pump, the installation of the exterior components calls for careful consideration.

  • Piping

During your scheduled maintenance, ensure the technician inspects the pipes in the system’s loop. A damaged pipe might result in several problems with your geothermal system.

If your geothermal heating and cooling system needs maintenance, Rabe Hardware has specialized, highly trained and experienced contractors in geothermal system design, repair, installation and maintenance.