What to Ask When Hiring a Pest Control Service?

Pests are very difficult to deal with; however, with the right selection of pest control service, you can get rid of them. Pest control companies provide many services, but what will you ask them to get yourself the perfect service? You must first understand who your local companies are that are servicing Belleville for all your pest control needs. In this blog, you will learn what questions to ask to get the best service from the pest control team.

What types of services do you provide?

If you are hiring a pest control service, you must know what kind of services they provide and which service will be appropriate for your house. Since pest control services do not provide treatments for all pests, you must specify the types of pests you need to get rid of. Therefore, the pest control service will let you know about the pest treatment you need and give you some instructions on proper post-care.

Are your services licensed?

pest control
pest control

It is your responsibility to ask the pest control team about their certifications and qualifications. You should ask this question to make sure whether they are licensed to work in your area or not. In addition, if they are licensed, you will know that they have taken proper training and are experienced enough to deal with the pests professionally.

What thing to do before pest control?

Many pest control services provide instructions on things to do before pest control, like organizing all your kinds of stuff, separating the infested furniture in the infested room, moving the major things away from walls and windows, and many other things. This will make their job easier and more comfortable to reach every corner of your house.

Make sure everyone in the house, including pets, is out of the house during treatment as per the instructions given by the pest control team. A minimum of 2-4 hours is recommended to stay out of the house.

Furthermore, ventilate the treated areas once you come back into the house by opening the windows. Remember to obey any additional suggestions from the technician.

What is your fee structure?

One of the most important questions to ask the pest control service is about their fee structure. They must be upfront with their fee structure and must mention additional charges if applied. Often, pest control services charges are based on the size of your property or their past deals. They add their charges in terms of the service given and the men required. 

What kind of products do you use?

You should ask your pest control service about the product they use. If they are using any toxicants in their pesticides, it will affect your environment and can be harmful to kids, old folks, and pets. You should always prefer services that use eco-friendly products so that you can maintain a sustainable environment for you and your family.


Keeping all those questions in mind, communicate with your pest control service and get the best service according to your needs. Make sure to interview multiple options before selecting the best pest control company for your problems.