Will I need permission to remove a tree on my property?

If you want tree removal in Philadelphia that is on your property, you may require permission depending on the tree’s size, where it is located on your land, how close it is to your house, and whether or not there are other utilities nearby, such as electricity lines.

It will also rely on the tree species and whether or not that specific tree species is deemed a nuisance.

When will you require permission to remove the tree in Philadelphia?

There is something called a Tree Preservation Ordinance in every municipality. In this ordinance, the municipality specifies a minimum size at which a tree is automatically deemed noteworthy and protected by municipal regulations.

The following is an example of a frequent provision included in a Tree Ordinance:

Any tree whose trunk’s diameter is less than 12 inches can be cut down without a permit. Anything bigger than a certain size will be deemed an important tree and protected. In this scenario, authorization is required for tree removal.

Again, the above is only an example; in your specific situation, you will need to consult the local rules that regulate tree removal Philadelphia.

What happens if a tree is trees are cut down without a permit?

Homeowners who take remove trees without permission often escape detection. However, if your neighbor witnesses you and contacts the local council, they’ll investigate. If you don’t have a valid justification for removing the tree, such as the tree is hazardous or dead, you will be issued a court date or given a fine.

In conclusion, before you remove the trees on your land, it will be a smart idea to educate yourself about the rules and regulations that apply to this activity.