Importance of Aircon Gas Top-Ups and Their Prices In Singapore

Many aircons that are not working properly, either by not cooling the room well enough, having unpleasant smells or leaking fluid could be due to low refrigerant fluid. Having a top-up of aircon gas could just be the solution to all your problems.

A lot of companies in Singapore are offering such top-ups along with the usual servicing and maintenance.  As they conduct routine checkups, if they find that the refrigerants there are low, they fill them up with anti-freeze fluid. This helps the aircon to regain their performance and longevity so that it can continue to operate.

When is Gas Top-up Necessary? 

One thing that you should keep in mind is the fact that a lot of times, aircons that are properly maintained can also face failures. The reasons for the failures might just be due to the low level of the coolant. In these situations, it is important to fill the coolants properly and make the aircon reverts to proper working condition.

Having a low refrigerant level can be attributed to several reasons. One of the major causes of such issues is leakages in the coolant pipe. The other issues are the faults in the installation processes and the use of the poor quality copper pipes in the units. If the aircon is used without any kind of regular servicing or if the aircon is used for a long period of time, then there are high chances for the refrigerant to be low.

While most consumers are encouraged to be aware of several aircon specs, such as the BTU (British Thermal Units) or cooling capacity of the unit, they are usually unaware of the type of refrigerant used. Even if the buyers have heard of coolants or refrigerants, they do not have any actual idea regarding its use.

In fact, most times when the notification of low refrigerant comes up, it is overlooked and ignored. When not addressed, this ultimately results in the total breakdown of the aircon. It is important to get professional opinions on this matter, so the refrigerant can be replaced without causing any further mishaps or damage to your unit.

Market Rates for Aircon Gas Top-Up Services

Most experienced servicing companies have good knowledge about the popular aircon brand commonly found in most homes, as well as the type of coolant gas that they use. There are two types of gas mainly used in residential aircons, either R22 gas or the R410A gas. The going rate for top-ups per unit are generally as such:

  • $60 to $150 for the R410A gas
  • $40 to $120 for the R22 gas

A great many Singapore based companies are quite knowledgeable regarding the process of gas top up and that is why they should be your choice. Their experience and handling should fix your aircon back up in no time.

If you are still lost about where to start, LK Brothers is one such company offering top-up services, in Singapore. You can visit their gas top-up page at, so do give their page a look if your aircon low aircon gas issues.