Is It Better to Clean the Toilet Seat or Replace It?

The toilet is one of the essential places at your home. It is important that you keep the whole of the toilet clean to prevent the growth of pathogens that can have a serious health effect on the whole family. The toilet seat is one area that gets dirty pretty fast because it comes into contact with all the users in that room. It should be given priority when it comes to keeping the toilet hygienic.

Do you clean the toilet seat or replace it? This text looks at both sides of the argument to help you make the right decision.

When to Clean the Toilet Seat

When you have Been Using it For a Short while

If you have been using the toilet seat for the last few months to a year, there may not be a need to replace the toilet seat. It can work just fine for quite some time if cleaned right. Keeping the seat clean is not a hard task as it can be done in a few minutes.

There is No Hard Stain

Stubborn stains are a big problem for any surface. If no stains are getting on your way, you can keep cleaning the toilet seat at least once a week and it will be fine to use.

When to Replace the Toilet Seat

The purchase of replacement toilet seats is dependent on a number of factors, as explained below.

There is Cracking or Chipping

Toilet seats, especially the wooden ones, can experience paint chipping after cleaning for some time. When this occurs, bacteria find areas to hide at the edges of the remaining paint. The seat also becomes uncomfortable to use. On the other hand, plastic seats tend to crack under pressure. The cracks become new zones for bacteria to hide. Therefore, if your seat is cracked or has the chipped paint, consider replacing it soon.

It has been in Place for Long

If you have been using the toilet seat for over a year, it may be a good idea to replace it. Over time, pathogens accumulate on the surface, requiring harsh agents to keep it clean. It is best to replace it rather than increase the cleaning frequency or buy tough agents.

You are Moving into House that had been Occupied

If you are a new tenant to a home that has previously been occupied, it is good to consider replacing the seat. You may not be sure how long the seat has been in use and bacteria that may be lying around.

The Seat Does Not Get Clean

If your toilet seat has some stubborn stains, it may be time to change it. You can try bleaches to try to remove the stains. However, if it is still dull, it will look dirty to those who visit it.

The reasons for cleaning or using replacement toilet seats are dependent on the nature of the device as explained above. Your aim should always keep the toilet seat clean. If this becomes a challenge, replace it as soon as possible