The Most Essential Solutions for Interior Design: Choose the Best

It is logical that all these kinds of questions assail you. Therefore, in this note we include some advice on interior decoration.

Study the environment:

Before starting any remodeling or decoration, it is necessary to have information about the space. In this first step the fundamental thing is to relieve:

  • Total dimension of the environment
  • Presence of steps or unevenness, sources ofnatural light
  • Location of doors and windows
  • Elements such as closets, toilets, light sockets, coatings, etc.

The most advisable thing is to take measurements of the space and make a draft on a plan, remembering to place the doors, windows and cabinets, and other objects in it. In the plan it will be convenient to include the entrance of natural light and the height of the windows.

Define personal style:

To carry out a decoration it is necessary to take into account personal tastes and desires: what we like about the environment, what makes us feel good, what are our hobbies. After all, decorating is creating an environment tailored to the person who inhabits it.

Therefore, in this step the main thing will be to think about what colors you like, you and whoever is going to share the space, what objects are of interest to you, what the style that best suits your personality is.


Think about specific needs:

Another aspect to consider is the use that will be given to the environment that you are about to redesign. At this stage it is necessary to reflect on the activities that will take place in that space, the uses that will be made by those who inhabit it, functional priorities, etc.

Depending on how you use it and your needs, you will need to make design decisions. Keep in mind that it will be useless if the environment is well decorated; the fundamental thing will be that it is functional.

Choose the decoration objects:

At this point you will be in a position to choose the elements that will serve as decoration. We list some of the points that you should take into account at this stage:

  • Style to follow 
  • Color palette
  • Wall and floor


  • Furniture and decorative objects
  • Artificial lighting
  • Textures
  • To be incorporated (rough elements, with matte tones, etc.)
  • The distribution of each piece of furniture and object -to pay special attention to circulation flow.

You already have the first 4 steps to become your own interior designer. Plan with time and detail to enjoy your new renovated space!

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