Things to do if your home is confronted by a burglar

The probability that a burglar will break into your house is pretty slim but one could not rule out the possibilities. The major burglaries happen at a time when there are no family members present at home but a few, that is around 28% of burglaries happen even if there are people inside the house. Burglaries happening inside the house when there is someone present inside is a traumatic experience, and 84% of victims go through severe trauma as an aftermath of the burglary. In this article, we will go through several ways in which you could upgrade the security of the house so that you never face these traumatic situations

What is the first step if I understand that my home is being burgled?

Many people ask the question as to what their first step is if they understand that their house is being burgled. As per the police, the first course of action is a safe evacuation from your home if you understand that someone has broken into your house. You need to understand that the burglars would want to get out of your property as soon as possible and not cause you any harm. But this is something that cannot be stressed enough because 48% of people who had a burglary in their homes reported that they were threatened and 27% of burglary victims stated that they had been physically abused and violence was used during a burglary. It is never advisable though to confront a burglar because that might result in serious physical injury or risk that might be worth your life.

How to prevent burglary at your homes

  • The first thing you need to do is activate your burglar alarm system. If you do not have a burglar alarm you need to get one installed, visit the website to get one installed immediately. You can use your car keys by setting off your car alarm. Loud noises generally result in the burglars running away.
  • But what if your worst nightmare comes true and you come face to face with the burglars? You need to be calm, compliant and collected. Try keeping your voice at a normal level and do not scream or shout unnecessarily. Be compliant with their demands and do not risk your life by resisting them.

What do you need to do after your house has been broken in? 

The first step you need to do after you discover that there has been a case of burglary in the house is to immediately report the incident to the police. If you are not sure that the burglar had not left the property immediately call 101 for help. Do not touch anything at the crime scene before the police arrive because they will try to collect evidence and they will be testing evidence for fingerprints and footprints. As soon as you report the incident the police will arrive and take a full written statement from you. Be clear and precise and try to give them as much as possible. After recording the statement you will be given a crime number so that you could track the progress of the case at any point.

After the police have left after recording your statement you should call a 24-Hour Emergency Locksmith to secure your home. An emergency locksmith will help you to replace your locks and if the damage done to the locks is beyond repair they can do the emergency boarding-up service to make sure that the home is secured unless you buy and install a new lock.

Why change your locks after a burglary?

Do not waste your time thinking about what you could have done to prevent the burglary. The emergency locksmith that you have called can ensure that there are no potential chances of another burglary attack. They can also do emergency board-up services and can check if any other doors or windows of your home are damaged. There have been reports of a burglary in the same house because of both ease and familiarity. You need a fully accredited trustworthy locksmith in your residential area to make your home secure against any future burglary.