What Should You Ask Your Roofing Company Before Hiring?

When you think it’s time to replace or renovate your roof, a professional’s help is a must. No DIY process is going to work for roofing services Hillsborough, NC. But, before hiring, you should be aware of various factors in order to get your roofing done perfectly. With good research, there are some important questions you have to discuss with the Iowa roofing company. Below are the questions you should ask.

Are They Licensed For Repairing And Installing?

When it’s about your own property, you won’t let it in a beginner’s hand. You must know that the Iowa roofing company is licensed and has skilled technicians with the necessary qualifications. The company should ensure its certification and license before the process begins.

What Warranty Do They Offer?

Warranty signifies that the company is confident about its material quality and workmanship. Hence, this assures that your property is in safe hands. Some Iowa roofing companies include only labor warranty, but others also include materials, disposal etc. Therefore, before you hire them, ask what their warranties cover.

Do They Have Business Liability Insurance And Compensation?

Confirming that the Iowa roofing company can show you liability proof and compensation insurance is vital. The business insurance will protect your property from potential damage or accidents caused by their workers. At the same time, the workman’s compensation insurance includes protecting your property against workplace injury events. Avoid hiring service providers who are unable to provide business liability evidence and safety certification.

With these questions, you can finally make a decision to hire the service provider. You can consult Steve’s Roofing, experts in residential and commercial roofing.