What to Look for When Examining the Quality of Kitchen Cabinets

Buying cabinets for your kitchen can be quite confusing and exhausting. With a lot of designs, colours, hardware, and styles available, it’s hard to know the most durable and quality ones. The last thing you want is to deal with a cabinet issue just months after the purchase. Loose hinges, warping boxes, and crooked cabinet doors are common issues that homeowners encounter. These issues happen because of the poor construction quality of cabinets, which usually leads to higher installation and maintenance costs. But you can avoid these issues when you invest in Armoires En Gros kitchen cabinets, which are made using high-quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship. So, what makes quality kitchen cabinets? Here’s what you should look into:


Kitchen cabinets are available in various construction: stock, semi-custom, and custom cabinets. Often, stock cabinets are what you see at a lot of home improvement centres. These mass-produced cabinets are made without your specific needs and kitchen requirement in mind. Meanwhile, semi-custom cabinets are also stock options but can be customised to your style and storage capacity needs. Custom cabinets are made according to your preference and styling specifications. You can order them from a reputable cabinet maker with all your preferred hardware and accessories. High-quality cabinets are often made of solid wood.

Cabinet Frames

When you check for a cabinet’s quality, ensure you check its frame. The structure of the cabinet is often made from plywood, which is stronger than particleboard. The wood must be a have thickness of at least 0.75 inches since particleboard shelves usually sag when placed with heavy items.

Typically, framed kitchen cabinets are much stronger and have thicker boxes. This cabinetry style is often found in European kitchens. When you examine a cabinet for quality, ensure it is made of high-quality wood as well as has smooth doors and drawer slides.

Interiors and Liners

The interior surfaces of a quality kitchen cabinet are smooth, wipeable, and non-porous. It should resist stain, wear, and bubbles. Also, light-coloured interiors are easier to notice. Make sure the interior’s finish has a catalytic or melamine conversion finish to reduce the chances of staining. Find a manufacturer that provides many cabinet liners.

Item Warranty

High-quality kitchen cabinets come with a lifetime warranty. Often, this warranty covers cabinet repair and replacement. But, a lot of cabinet makers only provide a limited warranty to clients. Unfortunately, poor-quality cabinets can break down even after a few years of use, so you should take a lifetime warranty seriously.