Tips for Buying Acrylic Glass Prints

Not all the acrylic prints are made equally, so it is important you know what you need when searching for an acrylic printing service provider. Also, ensure to make valid apple to apple comparison whenever you are considering the prices. This is a guide to help you form questions for that company you want to use.

Firstly, it is relevant you know that there are two different processes in developing an acrylic print, each having different outcomes, which are direct print on the acrylic substrate as well as the face mounting way of printing on the photograph before mounting it at the back of the acrylic. The following are questions to ask the acrylic glass company you intend on engaging.

#1: Is the acrylic outsourced? Where is it made from?

In the last few years, we have witnessed a big increase in most companies directly outsourcing acrylic prints to India, China, and Mexico.  As a matter of fact, about 3 out of the top 10 companies which were listed in Google for the words “acrylic prints” always outsource these products outside the United States. The result is gradually lowering prices, however at a cost in permanence, vibrancy and color accuracy. Some of the large photo labs are also outsourcing face-mounted acrylic made prints, but what normally happens in the United States is by controlling the quality of a hard process in a better way. The reason you should go with some prints like the Big acrylic prints is because, the whole process from which it was made, in-house at a first-class facility so that it can be easy to control the quality from start to finish.

#2: Is the company properly reviewed?

Most shoppers go through the company’s reviews before making any decision to buy from them, which is a very good idea! Just make sure the reviews are well listed on a third-party site like Google, Facebook, Yelp, Ekomi, Trustpilot, etc. Do not trust the reviews on the company’s website, because they could be fake.

#3: Do you print directly on the acrylic glass?

You will discover that those companies that print directly on the acrylic glass are capable of offering it at customer-friendly prices (particularly if it is being outsourced outside the United States), so if you do not mind giving up certain color vibrancy, accuracy, and permanence this will be an amazing option especially for outdoor signage and spaces where it is not very critical. The process of face mounting is much more labor-intensive and many companies do not do it well on a normal basis. The process isn’t an easy one, but the final result is worth it.